We all do it. Everyone has an inner dialogue that we use all the time. No one talks to you more than YOU!

Whether you are in an interpersonal conversation, group conversation or just by yourself you are always talking to yourself. While other people are talking your mind is reeling on your next comment, if you agree with what is being said, how you feel in that moment and what your takeaways are.

As you can imagine this is a powerful tool that can lead us to either a miserable life or to your best life base upon your thought processes alone. We can spin our negative narratives, fears, past experiences or broken filters onto any situation but we can also cheer ourselves up, remind ourselves of past wins and how great things can be. Some would call this the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

How can I make sure my self-talk is healthy? Well, let me preface that it is a life-long journey BUT we can start by thinking about what we are thinking about right away. The moment we do that the trajectory of our lives can start to have a positive spin and we can even undo generational struggles that maybe a long line of people in your family line subconsciously struggled with. Yes, you can be the one to break that!

Our thoughts are so powerful! From a thought comes our words and then our actions. If our thoughts are speaking positively to us, we are more likely to speak positivity into others and our actions will prove that we have a “can do” attitude more than a defeated attitude.

I’m more of an actions person than a words person – meaning that someone can say something and it doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t carrying it out and living that way. The words we speak can be deceiving to others and ourselves. We may know whats right but not ever live it out. So, our actions will always be a teller of what our thought processes really are.

“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7

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