Best Journal for Devotions 📖

Keeping a journal is vital to me. I encourage everyone I know to do it, if they aren’t already keeping one. The benefits to journal keeping are endless.

For the Christian, there are many ways to journal. I have a journal for my Bible reading and I have a journal for my personal thoughts and prayers. I even keep a separate planner with notes in it – to map out my plan for the year. I even started a journal to just keep the big growth moments and revelations in.

Needless to say, I love journals! Not just because I personally like them but the benefits are proven. It keeps us organized, able us to track our progress in life, it’s great for mental health and journal keeping can be a precious keepsake and honestly the list can go on!

When you journal you can see the value in your life and when you value your life, you want to track it!

For almost all of my journaling purposes (besides a planner) I like this journal for it all:

Click this link 👆🏽it will take you to that best journal on Amazon. Check it out! It’s an affiliate link and helps me out. I would never recommend a product that I haven’t tried and/or won’t help us live our best life. As journals go these days, it’s a great price and it delivers in quality. I’ve even bought it for presents and kept a couple extra on hand to gift to people as things spring up.

The scriptures on each page are so encouraging and sometimes I’ll read something I wrote and then read the scripture printed at the bottom of that page and it’s so encouraging exactly to that situation I journaled about.

I have that exact journal in the brown color as you can see in my photos below.

If your like me, you take your journal with you in your bag, in your car, chuck it in your suitcase for trips and stack it with your Bible and other study materials. Having a hard back helps it to keep. There is also something about writing out your deepest thoughts in a hard back that makes it feel more official.

No matter who you are or your beliefs it’s good for everyone to organize thoughts and track behaviors. I’ll end with this:

I hope you journal often. I pray you see Gods hand in your process and in your progress. That when you look back on you entries, you can see how far you’ve come. Whether it’s how much more honest you are with where you’re at and your feelings or maybe you will start a journal entry in the morning and at the end of the day, you’ll see how you’ve prayed for exactly what you needed. God is cool in that way to show up! Happy journaling! 📖

“Write the vision; make it plain…” Hab. 2:2b

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