Effective Christianity

Love is an action. Love is active. If you love something you can’t contain it, love leads you to move and act on it! It’s the nature of love.

God is love so this motivation comes from Him. When we love God it’s because He has loved us first and we having fully received it will in turn love Him back. His love in us, will cause us to overflow that love of God onto others.

Love in action looks like sharing this amazing love we have received. How can you contain it? I came to a revelation when I was much younger that, people who don’t know Gods love and only know selfish love and have known a lot of hurt – they are resistant to Gods love. If you are the physical embodiment of Gods love in front of them, then they will resist you or reject you entirely.

The Bible tells us over and over in different ways to expect this but to never stop loving and reaching people with this perfect love of God. The love of God saves us for eternity AND helps us live a victorious, blessed life that God created for us.

Did you know that the richest most successful person in the world can feel completely miserable and lonely because they don’t know and haven’t received the love of their Creator? We all NEED His love but most don’t even know it and will reject it because of all of the pain/darkness in this world.

The model of Mother Teresa sticks with me so much. How do you start to do anything if the need is so large? She says do what you can with great love!

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Effective Christianity is faith/love that moves us to do something for people. (This is the greatest commandment!) To love someone who is resistant to Gods love may look like finding another way to connect. Help them with any other needs. Be kind and humble. Be the difference in character.

The most hurting people can be the most hurting for you to love. I know. Love isn’t easy but it is the most rewarding thing we can do.

If the world is hurting and needs Gods love and we have Gods love. How can we then sit silent in such a loud generation that is literally shouting their pain and indifference? Let’s be loud back and willing to love the hard to love! Keep at it and your Father in heaven who sees will reward you!

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