Best Places to Visit in LA (2022 Edition)

Just 2 weeks ago, a friend and I ripped through LA and hit up some of the best places we could research. She is from Australia and did some research on best places for dinner, snacks, beaches etc.

If you’re from out of town, these may be some places to try. We went and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Coming from first hand knowledge!

Santa Monica Beach

It’s huge, I know. Where to start? Every beach has its good, better and best areas. Perry’s Cafe and Beach Rentals! A great place for a quick lunch or just sit under the sun-umbrellas and people watch for awhile. Enjoy the beach views and dig your toes in the sand!

We did so with some iced tea in hand!

Vegan/Gluten Free Ice Cream

I realize that not everyone is dairy intolerant or needs a gluten free cone like me but isn’t it nice to have the option? Not just have the option but for it to be a tasty one too? We found this most adorable ice cream and coffee shop in LA!
This place is called Ecco un Pocco in LA. We were able to chat with the owner, so nice!
Not only does it have dairy free, vegan ice cream – they have gluten free cones and cookies AND a quiet patio out back with string fairy lights to enjoy! It is covered as well in case it’s a hot sunny day. Please check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

This is one scoop lavender and once scoop coconut milk ice cream in a gluten free cone.


We had explored so much of LA and researched great places for lunch and we couldn’t decide what we wanted. So, we found out about this market that has all the options that we could pick and choose from all in one place! It was the Grand Central Market.
So cute and so many options for a great price too! We went with authentic tacos (obvious choice in LA).


We researched mani/pedi spots in the area and honestly, I think we found the best one! As we walked down the street from getting our nails done we saw these much smaller, less fancy inside nails spots and we knew we picked the best place on the strip!

We went to Spa de Rejuvination!

Urban Light

Guys, this place next to the LA Arts Museum is so special. It’s hard to describe it but it’s beautiful and just a fun sight! We took pictures and video which show just how fun of a stop it was. Necessary? No. Magical and beautiful? Yes!

Griffith Observatory

Why this place? Well, it’s up a large windy hill but when you’re at the top you will have amazing views overlooking all of LA including a great view of the famous Hollywood sign.
I just think if you’re going to take a trip to LA, you should see the infamous Hollywood sign in Hollywood!

Coffee Shops

Ok, while we were there we went to our fair share of coffee spots. We had two favorites, one was definitely more of a favorite than the other. One was more cute and trendy while the other was just straight up great coffee with a less trendy environment.
Blue Bottle coffee is in multiple places there and people had been recommending it so we finally stopped at one and OMG! Great tasting coffee and the staff was nice and helpful too!

The other place we went to had great breakfast, cute outdoor seating on a patio and Aussie coffee for my Australian friend visiting was Bluestone Lane. (Both spots just so happen to have blue in the title. Ha!)

They had Australian roasted coffee but also their coffees were options you would mostly find at a posh coffee spot in Australia with names like “long black”, “flat white”, and even hot milo! So cute!

Well friends, that’s all for this trip. I hope you can check out some of my suggestions. If youve already been please comment and let me know! I have compiled a video of our trip in action, check it out below!

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