Good vs. Great

How do you know the difference between something good and something great? Good things will keep us from God’s ultimate plan for our lives. Gods purposes in our lives should prevail!

Have you heard the saying, “good is the enemy of greatness?” Well, it is in fact true! An example of this could be anything that keeps you from your devotional time. Like, emergencies do happen but you know when we are like, “I need to clean the house!”? That is a good thing to do but it is the enemy of the great thing. Cleaning the house can wait until you’ve read your Bible.

At the end of the day, the actual enemy of our souls wants to distract us with “good” things to keep us from tapping into what is great! Great things will get us to our God given calling and help us walk into our identity.

God wants us to flow in our purpose and calling. Distractions and procrastination can be the little things preventing us from greatness. Achieving greatness doesn’t come by doing the easy things. As a matter of fact, greatness is by doing a lot of extra over the top great things.

Examples of “greatness habits” include:

  • Waking up early
  • Creating morning routines
  • Spending time in the word/devotions
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Working out/moving your body
  • Creating a routine for yourself
  • Map out your day
    • create structure to avoid wasted time
  • Write out your goals
    • for the day
    • for the week
    • for the month
  • Giving your day over to God
    • give Him your worries
    • give Him even your plans
    • give Him those things out of your control
  • Read an edifying book at least 20-30 mins a day
  • Listen to an encouraging message or podcast.

I’m telling you friends, walking with God closely is truly the way to greatness. I know people who try to walk with God but fail to create healthy habits and disciplines so they walk in defeat. They allow their day to have its way, their day controls them not the other way around.

Here are some steps to take. Look at your day and assess: What is most important to me in this season? What am I trying to accomplish? Then ask yourself, what am I spending most of my time on? Does this add or take away from my goals?

If you still aren’t sure, ask God in prayer “What is in my life that is the enemy to greatness? God, help me to see my blind spots. Help me to point out what is good but keeping me from true greatness.”

Writing things down is a good starting point. The Bible clearly says “to write the vision and make it plain”. Hab. 2:2
Write out your goals, dreams and visions. Then, create timelines for those things. Create daily structure for yourself (wake up times, morning routines etc.)

Also, consider what you’re listening to. The music you’re listening to, the podcasts you listen to and the people in your life you listen to. If it’s not feeding you, it’s taking from you. Some people can be the enemy to greatness. Ask God in prayer if they should just be put on the back burner or if you can or should just cut them out entirely. Then, seek out godly people intentionally. (I’ve learned, people will not just walk up to you and ask you if they can mentor you. You will HAVE to seek them out and pursue it!)

I’m praying this blog helps you to pinpoint some areas for your own life to work on and gives some structure for you to consider adding. We are all so wildly different but we are a people that need structure and intention. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19‬:‭21‬ ‭NLT‬‬

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