Best Tools for Serious Bible Study

If the Bible is the written word of the God Who created us and gives our lives purpose, then I want to study His word as best I can! There is so much to unpack and make sure we are interpreting right. I am no expert on Bible study. But then again, I don’t know what qualifies someone as an expert. If studying the Bible for well over 10 years is it, then I’m an expert!

From memorizing the Bible weekly as a middle school student in private school to growing up and still reading it occasionally – to finally grasping this life giving walk as a young adult when I was delving in with fresh eyes. I’ve definitely had my times with the Bible! I enjoy it now and expect to be impacted every time I read it.

Here are at least 10 tools for the best Bible study (all from my perspective but nonetheless important):

1. Let’s start with the setting of Bible study. A designated study spot is so helpful especially when you are new or know your brain tries to make excuses. You will think of that designated spot with the chair, in that one quiet room when you know you need to open your Bible.
This chair from Amazon is my favorite for its comfort but firmness with the extra foot rest:

2. A good study Bible is helpful, of course! Not your smart phone Bible app or a flimsy Bible. You need a good, thick study Bible with references, maps and all of it! If you want to take studying the Bible seriously, then you’ll get a serious Bible. This women’s study Bible has book introductions that give timelines for relevance, maps and pull quotes:

3. A good concordance will also help you better reference what you are reading! Biblical words are used in different context that we need to know for now. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not trying to be a pastor or a teacher, I don’t need all of that!”. If you want to know accurately what the One true God has written to us to establish and better benefit our lives on earth and in heaven, then you’ll want to properly translate it and not walk around your whole life misunderstanding something He’s given us tools to know. This Strong’s concordance has it all and isn’t massive:

4. This one is not as important but to me it is. A good thick blanket while I’m sitting for 30-60mins studying, makes the entire time more enjoyable! The loose knitting style on this one won’t feel too hot but just right:

5. I typically use regular pen in my Bible to underline and write asterisks next to important parts but sometimes you want a highlighter and one that doesn’t bleed through those thin Bible pages. Here are some good multi-colored Bible highlighters:

6. These one inch sticky post-it’s are great to stick in your Bible that don’t ruin your thin Bible pages when you peel them off. Great for writing little notes to yourself on or just saving the page for when you come back the next day.

7. If you don’t already know, I am a huge advocate for journaling! It keeps us focused and tracking our lives well. This spiral journal is my all time favorite for several reasons. It’s a hard cover journal which feels like you’re writing out your thoughts and prayers in something firm and solid, worth your best thoughts and prayers. The spiral bound pages open up all the way and there is no awkwardness holding the pages open at any point of the journal. There are scripture verses at the bottom of every page which OFTEN speak to me so much! It is also UNDER $10! Say no more:

8. More than just studying the Bible, a good daily devotional reading will guide your time with God in the word and with a prayer. This 365 day devotional interprets the original Greek language for you to give it multifaceted meaning and depth. I have this on my book shelf now right now. It’s thick but each day is just 2-3 pages. So insightful and a personal favorite:

9. How can you talk about effectively studying the Bible without talking about coffee? Exactly! You don’t! A good mug with an encouraging verse on it goes a long way! I bring my Bible verse mugs to work with me or out and about too when I can. These inexpensive, not cheesy and relevant mugs are great for yourself or for gifting too! There are 3 of them so consider it a bonus to my 10 suggested tips and tools:

Whether you’ve been reading the Bible your whole life or just starting out, I believe these tools mentioned here will prepare you for a deep study of the word of God and you will get the most out of your time. I know we all have busy lives and some seasons of life have less time than others. I believe that equipping yourself though with these tools will make your time spent worth it and most impactful.

All of these links will take you to Amazon as I am an Amazon affiliate! By following these links it helps me out so much to continue producing what content I do here at Good to Great to Best Life. All of these items listed are the best priced, practical and actually items I use and personally highly recommend. How else do we go from a great life to our best life without proper Bible study tools?

My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you. Proverbs 3:1-2

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