Top Study Tools

These are a few of my favorite things!

The things I share on here are products that I’ve tried and want to suggest to you as options for living your ‘Best Life’….as this blog is titled.

Everything here is organic to my lifestyle and options I think are helpful ( and inexpensive) to my readers.
Bible study is vital to living your best life so here are my fave items that help me do top notch 👌🏽 devotions.

My favorite Bible! How many of us also like having a physical Bible to hold, flip pages and highlight?🙋🏽‍♀️
NLT version is my reader friendly version go to but I love them all!
Click the link below 👇🏽 to check out a pretty, pink NLT Devotional Bible I love:

The best journal for writing devotions📖 Click the link below 👇🏽 to check my favorite one out:

This is mine at home.

A concordance is more helpful than Google! Honestly, I hate Googling Bible references to only have to scroll through irrelevant pages etc. to get what I’m after. Strong’s concordance is the best. Click my link below 👇🏽 to check it out:

Sleek coffee mugs with Biblical inspo to take with you in and out of devotional time for that faith boost throughout your day.
Click this link below 👇🏽 to check out my faves:

Last, but not least is some devotional chair inspo. Okay, I know I’m not the only one who needs a dedicated devotional chair, with a blanket! Here are my faves that I don’t have but aspire to have and are similar to my chair and blanket. Click this link below 👇🏽 to check ‘em out:

I am an Amazon affiliate so I can share direct links to some of my personal tried and true faves on Amazon! ❤️ It helps me out too, if you click my links to check them out and purchase that way.

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